Monday, May 11, 2009

Highlight #173: Matty Cakes revisited

The husband went off to drive 60 lapses on the go kart track this weekend. After finishing up some work at home, I decided to take a short drive of my own. Fifteen minutes into it, I wanted a snack, a sugary snack to be exact. At this point I was at the intersection of Piedmont and chestshire bridge, right next to Rhodes Bakery. But I didn't feel like petite fours. I wanted something a little more rich and sinful and that's when Matty Cakes came to mind. I had once gotten a very moist and dense slice of coconut cake that was off the chart rich, and a repeat seemed like a great idea.

Walking in I immediately spotted samples on the display case. It looked like cut up pieces of a dutch chocolate cake. One bite and my eyes went wide. This could have been the best cake bite I've had in a very very very long time! Incredibly moist cake and luxuriously silky frosting sang together in my mouth. I refused to give my sample container to the helpful counter lady until I scraped every little bit off of the sides.

With that kind of start, how could I resist getting more. I asked the lady for her recommendation and she pointed me to the above large dark chocolate cupcake with a white buttercream frosting. When I say large, I mean really large, as in a large man's fist large. It's a cupcake that would feed two comfortably. I couldn't help but dig in in the car. The chocolate flavor was much deeper and darker than the version I sampled earlier and the frosting was still cold from the display case. But I can tell that neither the moisture level nor the richness were inferior. I still prefer the one I sampled because of the softer flavor combination, but this was one heck of a good cupcake, that is if you like the very very rich and hefty kind of cupcakes.

Now I can't wait to get back to take home a full sized version of what I had sampled on the counter and maybe get a few more things.

Matty Cakes
1830 piedmont ave
atlanta ga 30324
404.917.cake (2253)

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