Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Paris!

No photos yet. My camera's SD card doesn't work with Jason's laptop and I failed to bring the cable. So... Please wait a few more days. But so far, we have had some amazing meals here!

L'Ourcine for lunch (Chef Daniere trained with Yves Camdeborde, who seemed to have trained every great bistro chef in Paris. Terrific pigeon with foie gras.)
La Coupole for a midnight supper (Hemingway's old hangout is just as packed today. Not mind blowing food, but solid nonetheless)
L'Arpege for lunch (I have heard it called the most exciting restaurant in Paris right now. And it really may just be! It's AMAZING what chef Passard can do with the pristine vegetables from his three gardens outside of Paris.)
La Ferrandaise for dinner (This hidden away restaurant on a small street in St. Germain des Pres is still not discovered by tourists. Cute as a button, the Ferrandaise moo moo cows on the wall look even happier than the Californian ones from the ads back home. Chef Chaignot who previously worked at the famed Bristol sent out regional favorites from Auvergne. My partridge was a game lover's dream. The full flavored meat ranged from light to very dark pink and tasted progressively terroir enhanced by color as well. Awesome!)
Thanksgiving meal tonight is still yet to be determined as our dining companion Jenna fell sick with a stomach flu... We don't feel quite right going to the special American Thanksgiving meal she planned on our own.

We are off to Rome tomorrow. Will let you know how the food situation goes there.

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