Monday, November 16, 2009

Highlight #259: Resort eating - Restaurant: Vento (Paradisus Palma Real Punta Cana)

(photo from resort website)After months of flying around non-stop for work, Jason wasn't too excited about getting trapped at an all-inclusive resort with a bunch of lawyers. He worried about having no escape.
When the sun came up and revealed the white sand beach and turquoise pool, he changed his mind.

The water was calm enough to swim without working too hard. The soft sand massaged our feet with every step.

Even at near capacity, the resort had plenty of places for him to hide from the world and read a book in the breeze, while I spent hours absorbing useful information at the seminars. :)

By nightfall, we washed off the sand and hit the Mediterranean restaurant at the resort called Vento. The menu was short but competent enough.

Not expecting too much from resort food, I was pleasantly surprised by the first course, a foie gras mousse. Light and flavorful, it went down smooth and worked just as well on its own as with the dinner rolls. I had a moment of let down when the rolls felt cold to my touch. I suppose there is no need for that in the tropic, but indulgence is never about need, is it?

I requested the duck as my main. Again, very flavorful even if the duck was just a little too cooked. The play between savory duck and tart/sweet apple kept me pretty content. In the next four days, it became apparent that flavor is the thing that this resort does very well. I hardly had a single bland thing on this trip, which, in my opinion goes a long way to counter the typical mass feeding blahs. When things can't be of the best execution, at least make them taste good. These folks knew their stuff.

Three of us cleverly ordered all three desserts to share. The lone peach tart turned out to be stellar, while the other two were also quite above average. I particularly enjoyed the very crumbly crust of the tart and the well balanced sour to sweet ratio.

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