Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Highlight 260: Resort eats II

The second day, while I attended more seminars, Jason went deep sea fishing. It's not fishing season, but the boat managed to come back with one!

Then we laid around and spent the afternoon in the shade.

Occasionally we watched all the colors.

For some reason, napping all afternoon makes one hungry... By night fall, we were more than ready to hit restaurant number 2, Passion. Jason is normally game to eat anything I want to order. Everything from ant larvae to goat hoofs. But he never shares my veal, out of respect for his late brother, who did not touch the stuff. Having no one to pass some of this very tender chop to, I ate way too much. No regrets though since most of the time I don't order veal when Jason is around, knowing that I'll be stuck with all the loft over.

Someone made this truffle cake with a chocolate freak in mind. It's all dense chocolate and no fluff. For me, who needed a little contrast, the light cream center was a very welcomed distraction. All in all, another satisfying meal at the resort.


Matt said...

Is this from the IP / Entertainment Law Seminar w/ Darryl Cohen?

Cathy said...

That's the one.

Matt said...

Did you go a few years ago, to the resort in Puerto Rico?

Cathy said...

I was in Cabo last year, but never went to PR.