Saturday, November 21, 2009

Highlight 262: Sweet Melissa knows her pancakes

When jetlag woke Jason up early on a Sunday morning a few weeks back, I was not happy. I count on the early morning hours for myself, to drink coffee alone, to eat breakfast alone, to really just be alone! This husband of mine likes group activities when he is up and about. He saved himself by suggesting brunch out. I perked up. We never brunch out early. This was our chance to try something different. We showed up at Sweet Melissa around 9am and found a bustling room.

I need starch in the am so went straight for the pancakes. Crisped near the edges, the buttermilk batter remained fluffy and tender inside. With every bite, there was the distinct buttery taste. I splurged for the real maple syrup. There is really just no point ruining good pancakes with the one dimensional artificial stuff.

Jason likes his protein. He almost never deviates from a loaded omelet. This Cheddar cheese filled chubby thing was simple and to the point. My one bite revealed nicely salted eggs and full flavored sausage and cheese. The albino biscuit sort of looked uncooked. Despite the appearance, it was actually quite fluffy if not crusty.

Sweet Melissa
127 E Court Sq
Decatur, GA 30030-2521
(404) 370-1111

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