Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Highlight #261: Beachside eating- Restaurant: Jellyfish (Punta Cana)

I couldn't leave Dominican Republic without at least trying something local and outside of the resort. So one evening, six of us walked a mile or so down the beach to the beautifully lit Jellyfish.
As expected, the relatively concise menu focused on seafood. For starters, we ordered the calamari, fried shrimp, and a sausage hash. Everything was just fantastic.

The single most precious bite was the simple looking fried shrimp. About the size of a grown man's thumb, the piping hot flesh glowed with translucency and was super light and crunchy outside. The great shell almost felt sandy like the texture of a shortbread cookie.

I ordered the impressive looking lobster. It was good, but compared to the wonderful fish dishes the others got, it was actually the dud of the evening. The flesh was just a little too hard and the butter sauce a little too heavy.

One of the best fish dishes around the table was this Dominican preparation of a snapper. The very milky flesh needed very little else and the bright pepper accompaniment really brighten up the palate.

From the very sparse dessert menu, we selected the flan. This must be the most dense flan I've ever had. It's almost approaching the consistency of a fudge. I had no idea if that is the Dominican spin on flan. I did, however, appreciate the intensified caramelization.


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