Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best cookies in Atlanta? - Bakery: The Cookie Studio

Some have called these the best cookies in Atlanta. Having tried four this past weekend, including a chocolate chip variety straight out of the oven, I must say that they are really pretty darn good! But I am wary of that word "best." After all, taste is a very personal thing, colored by such multitude of factors as genetics, upbringing, and even mood. I, myself, remain most partial to the Alon's double chocolate cookie. Having said that, I will provide a comparison of the two as a way of constructing a virtual taste profile of the Cookie Studio's excellent chocolate chip cookie.

On appearance, the CS CC cookie, at the size of a saucer, is larger than that of the large cookie at Alon's. Perhaps due to its size and abundant butter content, when warm from the heat of the oven, the CS cookie required rather delicate handling as at least half of the cookie towards the center was soft and had a tendency to fall apart where the chocolate chips oozed. Unlike the Alon's cookie, which is more or less soft and chewy throughout, the CS cookie boasts a crisper rim that, when allowed to cool, hardened to offer a crumbly first bite. The center never quite lost its pliability, however, even when cooled. The slightly undercooked dough provided a very enjoyable chew and offered a generous dose of chocolate indulgence unshadowed by too much sugar. Thoroughly enjoyable!

So why do I remain loyal to the Alon's double chocolate chip cookie? Well, that come down to what I referred to earlier as personal taste preference. I love, above all, a soft and crumbless texture that is almost borderline wet. Perhaps it's because of my inner neat freak who is afraid of leaving evidence behind on the car seat. Whatever the cause of my preference, Alon's approximate my desired texture better with its consistent softness from center to rim. With that said, I must declare again that the CS CC cookie is one "DARN GOOD COOKIE!"

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