Saturday, May 24, 2008

Daily Highlight #3: Size matters here - Restaurant: Agave

When size matters, Agave simply cannot be ignored. This neighborhood favorite of many in and around Cabbagetown serves up some well-loaded plates every night of the week. Even with blockades obstructing the most immediate path to its front door, Agave manages to fill its dinning rooms with locals night after night.

The margaritas are always excellent, blended with great selections from a long list of tequilas, and are always of more than sufficient strength. When comfort is the goal, the beer braised pork shank should hit the spot. Just looking at the hefty hunk of meat should have a grounding effect on the stomach. There is nothing fancy here, just tender long cooked meat with simple seasoning that is savory, but not overpowering. The braised greens provided the much needed fiber for a bit of balance.

Not everything on the menu exemplify simplicity, however. This mountain trout stuffed with crawfish, mushrooms, onions, and basil over Spanish rice with a roasted tomatillo sauce and cilantro complicated things a bit, but somehow still managed to come off looking and tasting rather rustic. There was a nice kick of acidity from the tomatillo sauce. But it was not pronounced enough to make one take notice with every bite. One thing remained consistent throughout all the dishes - the size never got smaller.

Nothing at Agave is earth shatteringly good. Yet, it's a place I want to go back to, if only because it feels good to lean back into the chair.

242 boulevard se
atlanta, ga 30312

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