Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daily highlight #6: There must be grilling on memorial day

I love loft living, except for the fact that the home owner association prevents my usage of anything that resembles a respectable grill (electrical grilling is not respectable). So on this memorial day, when grilling is a must, J tactfully invited ourselves over to the K house for some proper grilling. Thanks for having us G and A!

There were A's excellent bird parts marinated in a spicy also cajun type seasoning (above),

her prettily skewered spicy shrimps,

my not so prettily skewered Korean BBQ shrimps,

my poppy seed scones with balsamic and honey marinated strawberries, some pork chops, sweet potatoes, spicy creamed corns, and a big salad plate. Of course, there was also some awesome sparkler action as post face stuffing exercise.

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