Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daily Highlight #1: what to do when delayed at SFO - Restaurant: Hong Kong Flower Lounge

With my first installation of daily highlight on this blog, I thought it fitting to let you in on one of our secrets. You see my boy J travels out of the country almost half of the year. To make the trips easier to take, he frequently stops in Frisco for the day to spend some time with friends. As delays seem more the norm than the exception these days, sometimes, when I happen to travel with him, we find ourselves here, at Hong Hong Flower Lounge (, about a ten minute drive away from the airport, for a good meal that comes close to make the delay almost bearable.

Don't think for a minute that this is mediocre food just because it's near the airport. I dare say that everything here blows what we got in the atl out of the water. The last round, we snacked on my favorite - chicken feet. These shown above are just to my liking, meaning I am able to easily separate the meat from the bones with my mouth closed and spit out the clean bones discreetly onto my chopstick, to be transported to my plate. It's really amazing how neat one can be eating chicken feet when the feet are cooked to the right fall off the bone doness. At that stage, the gelatinously collagen rich skin almost melts with the heat of the mouth.

Finished and almost ready to pay, we spotted these babies coming out of the kitchen steaming. J, always one to seal the deal when I look tempted, quickly grabbed them off the cart for me. Fluffy and tender, the bun was pleasantly sweet and hot. Chopped roast pork made up the innards. Sweet, but not coyly so, the fatty pieces provided great contrast to the lightness of the bun. However, these still didn't come close to the best version I've had with my all knowing dim sum buddy in Hong Kong. I still dream about that stuff on certain hungry nights. Maybe next time I'll fly through Hong Kong.

This first installation of the daily highlight is a bit longer than I intended. The idea is for me to get a lot more of my pictures posted without having to spend too much time. It's just a shame not to share more of them when I enjoyed taking them so much.

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