Monday, May 26, 2008

Daily highlight #5: renovated space, renovated slice? - Restaurant: Cameli's

Occasionally, when I am not in the mood to fix late night snacks, my man J makes the trip to Cameli's around the corner from our loft in the crack Kroger complex for a monster slice. I heard from him that they had undergone renovation some time ago, but since he is not one to elaborate on such things, that's about as much I knew until a few days ago.

This time, I also wanted to snack and thought some baked dough would do the trick nicely. The renovated place looked awesome, especially considering the shabby joint that used to match the crack Kroger next door. It's no fancy venue by any means, but now there is a good bar with a decent beer selection and plenty of comfy seating for pizza eaters.

But the best part of our visit was the slice, the monster slice to be exact. In order to provide some perspective on the monsterness of the thing, I made J put his hand in the picture. In case you were wondering, the man is five eleven and his hand is not abnormally small for his size.

I loved this slice. I mean I always liked the version Cameli's put out, but never as much as this one this night. Despite the overwhelming amount of toppings J requested, the crust remained unburdened by the extra stuff on top and seemed to have suffered little from the double baking, the ultimate obstacle for the slice to overcome. Check out the underskirt shot above. The nicely charred bottom showed no signs of cracking or sogginess. If you are like me and eat your pizza from the rim in, this is one superb treat.

Now I don't feel so bad that my friend Jay has this (below) downstairs on his block just south of hell's kitchen 24 hours a day.

699 Ponce De Leon Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30308

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TropicGirl said...

Yum, yum, yum, and yum! That crust looks perfect. Crisp yet chewy. And the slices are huge! Do they ship internationally? (just kidding, sort of!)