Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily highlight #81: This dirty bird gives rolling bones a run for its money - Restaurant: Fox Bro

I don't go to a bbq place to eat chicken, except at Rolling Bones, where the juicy chicken is perhaps the best offering. But after last night's meal, I may make an exception for Fox Bro as well.

We were at the smoke joint to give J his honest meat fix before he heads to Shanghai for the second time in three weeks. I know, anyone else would find Shanghai an amazing food town. And it is. But for a man who enjoys my simple home cooking and a relaxed pace, the demanding and alcohol level raising Chinese business dinners are not something to look forward to. So when he asked for a variety of meats, I was happy to oblige.

The bird leg was as juice as the one I took out from Rolling Bone's months ago with just a bit less seasoning. Accompanied by a little sauce on the side, the skin clad dark pieces were every bit as enjoyable. What made our rib/pork/chicken combo even better was the ultra rich mac and cheese. Velveeta stretchy, the homey pot comforted in the most satisfying way and made forgiving the too salt collard greens an easy thing to do.

As we chewed away, J looked at me and teased "I bet other brides three weeks away from their weddings aren't eating bbq." I had actually thought about the topic the same morning and informed him my conclusion "I'd be afraid not to fit into my dress properly if I didn't eat as I normal do." Little did he know, I had also altered my dress to make sure that it would accommodate further eating on the wedding day. After all, to let an eight course Chinese banquet go to waste would be a crime.

Fox Bro
1238 Dekalb Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you where you are doing your Chinese banquet? I am looking for a good Chinese restaurant to have my rehearsal dinner.

Cathy said...

I don't think that my answer will help you much because I am getting married in Singapore...

Unlike in Asia where Chinese food can be and often are served in very plush surroundings, Chinese restaurants in the States in general and in Atlanta in particular tend not to cater to elegant wedding affairs. However, if you are going for something very casual, then maybe Sichuan House in Duluth has a good balance of food and not too dingy surroundings.

Cathy said...

Forgot to say the most important thing, congratulations!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And congrats to you and your soon to be husband!