Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daily highlight #86: Caught the end of the season - Restaurant: Dancing Crab (DC)

I still remember the days in the early nineties when a dozen blue crabs cost six dollars at the height of the season in Baltimore. Now I'd be lucky to get a dozen for fifty. But still every time I come up to the DC/Baltimore area during the summer, I must get some.

Normally, I rent a car to drive down to the harbor of Annapolis where I can sit on the water at Mike's with my own pile of Old Bay covered beauties. But this trip, I was short on time and long on work, so Dancing Crab in the middle of DC just had to do.

This night only medium males were available, but they were rather meaty little guys. Never mealy and distinctly sweet, the blue crab is unbeatable flavor wise. Where Dancing Crab loses out to Mike's is in the way the crabs were steamed. Mike's does its crabs in vast steamers at high heat, which turns out cooked through, but dry meat. Dancing Crab's crabs have touched water, which left some lodged in the meat that in some instances turned the meat just a bit mushy. In any case, it was still good stuff I don't get in Atlanta and long for every summer. Until next season, I'll have to live on the memory of this dozen.

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