Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily highlight #87: The other yeast bread - H&F Bread Company

Having never being to the middle east, I can't tell you whether what you see here is an authentic pita. Frankly, there are so many varieties of pita in the vast region that is the middle east, I doubt I could speak with any degree of authority even if I did go for a short tourist visit. What I can tell you is that while tearing pieces of fluffy and well ventilated innards from this pillowy pita, I appreciated, for the first time, pita's classification as a yeast bread.

There was no doubt that millions of little microorganisms had worked their magic on this creation, lifting the dough every which way to create the peaks and valleys within the large pocket. This time, I couldn't hold on to my lone pita long enough to contemplate any sort of filling. But next time, I'd be sure to hold out for some creamy hummus at least.

H&F Bread Company
2255 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

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