Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Highlight #247: A revived institution in Savannah - Ice cream parlor: Leopold's

Leopold's first came to exist in Savannah at the beginning of the last century with the arrival of three Greek brothers. Peter, the middle brother, passed the shop down to his son Stratton. After some years of operating the storied ice cream parlor, Stratton closed it down to head to Hollywood to pursue a career as a film producer. Savannah mourned the lost.

Decades and many hit films later (e.g., MI 3), Stratton came home to Savannah in 2004 and reopened his family's ice cream parlor. The marble counter and soda fountain all came from the original shop as well old photos decorating the front wall. but right next to those hung movie posters and movie star photos from films Stratton worked on.

From the two dozen or so ice cream flavors, I chose my favorite, pistachio, which showed much old world wholesomeness, from the pale green color to the plentiful nuts. The pistachio flavor was pronounced yet not artificial.

Jason had an old fashioned malt with chocolate ice cream, a reminder of the good life in historical Savannah.

212 E Broughton St
Savannah, GA 31401-3402
(912) 234-4442

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