Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hightlight #250: Jewelry party - Restaurant: Fourth and Swift

Every year October brings such an overwhelming amount of fun and food (it's my birthday month), I have a hard time keeping up with the posts. This year, lovely June of June Shin handmade jewelry ( agreed to combine a mini jewelry show with my birthday happy hour. The original venue was set to be Repast, but I just couldn't work out the details with their event manager, so we switched to Fourth and Swift and what a great way to go! Everyone, from the chef to the manager to the staff, was so super friendly, we not only had help set up June's jewelry, we even got situated in the comfortable private area with a glass wall into the kitchen without any of us having ever asked for it. There is nothing better to make a party host feel good than attentive staff. I highly recommend this place for your holiday parties.
In fact, I may end up throwing my husband's company party there. We'll see if I can convince everyone to drive down.

June brought such an amazing collection, almost everyone that came bought something. Here is Jacinta with her gorgeous pink ring.

Trudie with one of her many pairs of earrings.

After the happy hour, about ten of us stayed for dinner. The deep fried Brussels sprouts immediately caught my eye on the starters menu. Proving that deep fried anything is good, these were super although without the tell tell characteristics of deep frying. The outer shell was just lightly crispy, but far from being greasy. The inside was just tender and not at all mealy. I really enjoyed the balsamic dressing, which countered the slight bitter bite of the sprouts with just the right amount of acidity and sweetness.

Look at my beautiful duck! Really nicely seared and cooked to a pink medium rare, the tangy berry infused sauce served as a great counterpoint to the natural richness of the duck meat.

We ordered no dessert because my friend Jessica kindly brought me a peanut butter caramel tart from Chocolate Pink. Everyone at the table got a tiny piece, which was just enough to covey the deliciousness of this dynamite dessert in a small package. Even though we didn't order it, Fourth and Swift does have my very very favorite ice cream, a macadamia and salted caramel brittle concoction to die for (it is unfortunately a special item only available sometimes).

Fourth and Swift
621 North Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308-2857
(678) 904-0160

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