Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Highlight #249: Childhood favorite found at Craft bar

Sichuan, where I grew up, is known for excellent beef jerky. Like most famous eats, there are a few variations. One version features super thin beef slices that are dried to a crisp and saturated with a hot chili oil so when put up against the light, one can see through it. It's very cool, but not my favorite. My favorite is a version that starts out in a five spice and chili infused braise and then dehydrated to a chewy but still resilient texture. And that is what I found at Craftbar. Amazing and so nostalgic. I don't know who is making it, but he/she deserves to be awarded honorary Sichuanese.

Another exceptional plate we had the same evening featured beef tongue in its best form, soft and super tender. The flavor was light yet so spot on. If you are a tongue lover, you must try this!

3376 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 995-7500

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T-Charry said...

i have GOT to make my way to ATL...I wanna move there so bad, I GOTTA do it!