Thursday, July 03, 2008

Daily highlight #42: Beef is in the name, but lamb is the star - Restaurant: Taurus

Tom from AtlantaCuisine reported Taurus sold. The news didn't come as a surprise. I suppose very few chef owned places can really survive for the long haul. I do hope that it doesn't change too much to become one of those corporate style steakhouses. I am not saying that Taurus has the most amazing steak or that corporate steakhouses always lack in good meat, but there is just something a little more endearing and relaxing about this place.

Our meal a couple of weeks ago started off with a really great snack of grilled lamb tenderloin. The presentation was eye catching and the sauce of balsamic and olive added a surprising salty/tart/sweet dimension. The eleven dollar portion was so large, I ended up eating it for dinner. The lamb was perfectly medium rare with a nice salty crust.

J's Delmonico was also done to the right medium rare on top of some thin beans and topped with crispy onions. At twenty six, this is again a large and quality cut. Unusual for a steakhouse, the steak came with its own sides, further eliminating the need to spend more.

We did, however, get a special side of scalloped potatoes. The layered dish was perhaps the most refined I've seen a long time, but the flavors unfortunately fell flat. It was so bland in every layer, even salt on top couldn't quite save it.

We ended the meal with a tres leches cake. You can tell from the photo that this is not a classic tres leches. It was more like the description said, a milk soaked vanilla cake. The berries were a bit too candied and lost their tartness.

Taurus is where we go when we feel like having a steak on a whim, but are not up for dressing up or spending too much. It's always nice to have a place like that where you know the food, even if not exceptional, may sometimes be great and will definitely not suck.

1745 Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30309

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