Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daily highlight #63: No more cold behind - Restaurant: Floataway

Before its renovation, Floataway Cafe melted my heart with it's wood fired pizzas but left my behind numb and cold with its hard metal seats. Post renovation, the great pizzas remain, but the icy seats are replaced with comfy cushioned arm chairs. Now I leave this place happy, inside and out. :)

Cioppino is a dish that makes me nervous. The more variety of seafood that goes in, the more likely that something will turn out overcooked and tough. But I had faith in Floataway and my trust was not misplaced. Everything from the clams to the shrimps was cooked just through and no more. The light but vibrant broth enhanced the unique character of each seafood player without overpowering anything.

Instead of my usual softserve, I decided to change things up and got the blueberry tart. While the tart was by all means tasty with a nice toasted crunch on top, I coveted my neighbor's soft serve terribly. It served as a good reminder that most of the time true love beats the new and different because well, it's true love. :)

Floataway Cafe
1123 Zonolite Rd. Suite 15
Atlanta, GA 30306

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GrabMoL said...

My friend went to Floataway a few weeks ago and got a Blackberry Mojito. I've been meaning to get back there to try it!