Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daily highlight #61: A good piece - Restaurant: Cantina El Tesoro

We were in the area, but I really went because what I had heard about this tres leches cake. To act somewhat normal, I fought the urge to eat dessert first and got some tacos to start.

They were fine. The ingredients seemed fresh, but neither the duck nor the fish stood out. Of course, I am spoiled by what can be found for less than a dollar on Buford highway. These are competent for their Decatur location.

Now back to the cake. In short, it was good, even bordering very good, if I haven't already tried the fluffy and creamy slice at Tierra. But in comparison, the frosting was a bit denser than the dreamy marshmallowy mound on the Tierra cake and tasted a bit frigid from the refrigerator. Maybe it has been sitting for a while and lost it's youthful lightness. Maybe what I really need to do is to try both cakes back to back. Now that's a good thought.

Cantina El Tesoro
129 Church St.
Decatur, GA 30030

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