Friday, July 18, 2008

Daily highlight #56: Go for the spread - Restaurant: Mediterranean Grill

In my world, there could never be too many hummus and falafel places. For one, there are so many subtle variations of both among the hummus and falafel eating nations. This week, I stopped by the midtown branch of the Mediterranean grill to experience their take on these good eats. Besides hummus I was also tempted to get some baba ghanoush. Both the hummus and the baba ghanoush were delightfully creamy. I could taste in the hummus much richness from the good dose of tahini. It was right up my alley as I love tahini's unparalleled smoothness. The baba gahnoush, while containing no tahini, nonetheless achieved a level of wonderful creaminess from the blended eggplants. I loved both.

What was disappointing was the pita. While I gave MG credit for warming up the pita, the doughy stuff was not at all fluffy and began to harden into crackly sheets almost as soon as I got them. Note to self, I must secure my own pita the next time I order here.

Also disappointing was the single falafel I bought for a taste. My heart sank when I saw the dark color. And sure enough, it was dry, dry, dry. I'll just stick to the enjoyable spreads the next time.

Mediterranean Grill
985 Monroe St.
Atlanta, GA

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