Friday, July 04, 2008

Daily highlight #43: "Dog" days of summer

Did you know that the dog days of summer refers to the exact 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11 and coincides with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius? No? Well, I am pretty sure you know that at no other time in the year does a tube of mystery pink meat seem more attractive, be it boiled, fried, grilled, or electrocuted.

Every year, my "dog" days of summer begins with a batch of electrocuted Nathan's dogs right before 4th of July at the office event that never fails to let the sparks fly.

The famous hot dogger, while banned everywhere else in the free world, is welcomed back into our break room with a procession. After allowing a few minutes for everyone to admire its glory, B, guardian of the hot dogger, impales half a dozen, scared out of their skin, naked dogs onto the electrodes. Soon, blue sparks begin to fly within the see-through chamber as the primal smell of burning flesh fills every office on the floor.

Sixty seconds is all that's necessary to turn innocent supermarket dogs into crispy on the ends and sweaty all over electrified monsters. The skinless dogs are most appropriately topped with the no beans chili.
Alternatively, one could also go the sauerkraut and mustard route. The important thing is to keep things simple so as to allow the heady smell of the hot dogger treatment to shine through with full intensity.

Following the tube eating theme, we end the meal with authentic hostess Twinkies. Like the hot dogs, freshness is also well preserved in these delightful yellow cakes. So while other law firms wine and dine their summer associates, we feed them what real lawyers eat. :)

I can feel your envy of my one of a kind meal and my kooky office even through the computer screen. So let me share this secret with you, your own hot dogger is out there on ebay and ready to come home. You may even score one new in box as people were somewhat slow to make the returns during those hippie years.

Happy 4th of July and let them sparks fly!

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