Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daily highlight #50: Still no bagel - Bakery: Simcha

I saw an ad for "the first kosher bakery" in Atlanta and thought immediately of bagels. I haven't had any since my last one at Ess-a-bagel during my May visit to New York. I was craving some pretty badly.

A quick drive later, I found Simcha tucked behind Bagel Palace, the only decent place I currently know of where an acceptable bagel may be found. Walking inside Simcha, I was disappointed to find only a small rack next to the wall with two baskets for bagels while the display cases were populated with homemade donuts and rugelaches. Not wanting to give up, I bought one anyway.

The outer skin actually looked promising, all glossy and smooth from its bath in boiling water. Once torn apart, there was no hiding the fact that the innards looked more like bread than chewy bagel.

Good thinking on my part was to also buy a cinnamon regelach, just in case the bagel didn't work out. While not the best I've ever had, it fared pretty well with a buttery and moist dough and very cinnamony filling that spilled out to harden into slight crispy cinnamon sugar bits around the edges.

Simcha is not the bagel heaven I had hoped for, but being kosher, it is friendly to those not tolerant of dairy in their baked goods.

2899-A North Druid Hills
Atlanta, GA 30329


GrabMoL said...

So, what are your favorite places in town to get a bagel?

Cathy said...

I could always find a decent one at bagel palace, but when I really want something good, I order some from bagel oasis in Queens.

Toasted, it's really pretty awesome stuff!