Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily highlight #54: Why isn't this hyped? - Lunch stall: Afro Dish

It's so hard to make brown food look good, but O.M.G. was this incredible stuff. It took me three years to revisited Sweet Auburn market and actually have food there. Now I am kicking myself big time for not having tried this the last time around. Afro Dish, the normal looking Jamaican stall along the left wall from the parking lot entrance served up everything from oxtail to stewed goat to jerk chicken. With every meat choice came one among three rices and two of many sides.

For a split second, I couldn't quite decide between the oxtail and the stewed goat, then went for the goat when I saw the cracked open marrow bones. While we pay top dollars at the cutting edge restaurants for such "delicacies" now, places like Afro Dish practically shower lunchers with the stuff. For something healthy on the side, I got myself some spicy spinach and beans. Everything was amazing! The goat, of course, was rich from the marrow goodness. But the most surprising was the yellow rice. So nicely spiced and savory, I could have eaten bowls of the stuff without anything else you see here, and I am not even the biggest fan of rice. (I know I am a sorry excuse of a Chinese) This is awesome stuff. The beans were creamy and spinach were spicy, if just a tad salty. But hey, it's supposed to go with rice.

My friend J (it's amazing how many of my friends have this initial), who didn't appear immediately captivated by the oxtail or stewed goat on display went for some jerk chicken. She generously let me try a piece and it was fall off the bone tender even without the help of a knife. The spice got our body heat rising for sure. This was not the tongue burning kind of spice, but was the variety that tickled the throat and warmed the insides slowly.

If like me, you have not visited Sweet Auburn market for a while. Run and try some of this stuff. I know I will, again!

Afro Dish
Sweet Auburn Curb Market
209 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

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