Friday, July 11, 2008

Daily highlight #48: Overkill - Restaurant: Artistry

Some restaurant people believe that certain spaces are cursed and no matter what goes in there, it inevitably fails. I don't know enough about Artistry's space, which used to house Sweet Lowdown, to declare it as that. But sitting through a hour and half long lunch in a completely empty dining room does give one a weird vibe, especially when the restaurant sits on a prime stretch of Peachtree St. smack in the middle of midtown.

Artistry has changed much of what I remembered of Sweet Lowdown. What used to be a light colored space now sports deep chocolate walls and burnt maroon/deep gold colored velvet curtains near the door. I suppose it could all be very glamorous under soft lighting after dark, but in the middle of a hot day, it seemed a bit heavy to me. Although I am biased as I love light and airy spaces.

Considering there were only three of us in the entire restaurant, everything took quite a long time. The lunch menu is small with mostly sandwiches, unless one is ready to pay twenty plus dollars for dinner entrees. I ordered the buffalo sliders with fries. I doubt anyone could accuse Artistry of skimping, as what came was the biggest slider dish I've ever seen. I got four baseball-sized mini-burgers with a good mound of fries. Actually the little burger patties were not of that size, but their statures were greatly enhanced by the much larger buns. For a nibbler, there were quite a few bites on the rim that were devoid of meat. The buffalo slider patties were cooked through as most sliders are. But somehow they were actually able to hold on to a decent amount of moisture to keep from being too dry. The good dabs of mayo helped the matter also. The fries were limp and pretty greasy. But I was in the mood for them, so ate quite a bit anyhow.

Housemade peach ice cream sounded good after heavy meat and starch. It looked very pretty adorned with a strawberry and a flower unknown to me. Sadly, the ice cream was specked with ice crystals. Perhaps it has been long since someone ordered it.

Cliff of creativeloafing wrote a pretty favorable blog entry for Artistry's dinner some days ago, so maybe the evening offerings are much better. As far as lunches go, it was not impressive, although not quite bad.

942 Peachtree St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

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