Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Highlight #200: Good wedding food - Caterer: Dennis Dean

Alexis and Craig got married and looked wonderful doing it. Reflective of the happy couple's style was their wedding food, which, unlike most wedding food I've had in this country, was actually simple, elegant, and tasty.

We started off with a minimalistic arugula salad very lightly dressed. The best thing about this salad was the freshness and the fact that all the extra components, the goat cheese, the watermelon, the green tomato slices, and the candied pecans were all in balance and did not overwhelm the arugula or each other.

The plating of the main course, a fillet, impressed. It actually looked as if individually prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Again, all the elements were well executed. Unlike the withered skinny asparagus spears often found on buffet tables, these were plump and with a tender snap. The roasted tomato had char flavor. But most impressive of all, the fillet was actually cooked to medium in the center and deeply flavored. I mean after eating quite a few chunks of chewy gray meat at various weddings, the pink center was a very pleasant surprise.

Unexpected good meat makes happy girls.

Dennis Dean Catering

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