Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Highlight #201: Salty and sweet - Restaurant: Stella

I couldn't wait to get to Stella when I read on Creative Loafing that the fig and prosciutto pie is back. We made it this past weekend for brunch, not knowing that the pie is a dinner special. As you can see, they gave it to us anyway. :)

For a light lunch, two can share this special, which also comes with an arugula salad. Salty and sweet is the ultimate combination in my book. On top of that, I am completely smitten with fresh figs. These were small, but still fresh and sweet. The light drizzle of balsamic vinegar is right up my alley, but I could do with just a little less of the olive oil used to finish the pie. Not really a complaint though, it did make the prosciutto quite moist.

563 Memorial Dr
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 688-4238

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