Monday, August 24, 2009

Highlight #219: Dry aged beauty - Restaurant: Capital Grill

Yes, it's a chain. But don't hate it. Look at this Delmonico. How could you not fall in love?

Bone's is good, no doubt. It's my go to steak place, but most of the steaks there are wet aged. I know there are many who worship the wet aged style. Those steaks tend to be tender, but not too gamy. They are also often cheaper, because aging in a vacuum bag does not lead to mold, which must be trimmed off of dry aged steaks.

But if you are like me and like your beef beefy and macho. This dry aged beauty is your ticket to a really good place. It's a big boy, this one. So I opted to share it with my husband, who doesn't like to deal with the parts near the bone, which I absolutely love. :)

For a little variety, I order the 2lb lobster, also to share. It looks pretty mutilated here, doesn't it? It tasted like a Floridian rather than a real Maine native, even though I was told that it is most definitely a northerner. So I guess the lesson is order a steak from a steak house and forget about variety.

This is got to be the most intensely espresso flavored espresso chocolate torte I've had yet. If you like espresso, this one has plenty of nuance that do very well with a good dark red like our 2003 Beringer Private Reserve Cab, which has a smoky nose of chocolate.

Capital Grille
255 East Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 262-1162

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