Thursday, June 05, 2008

Daily highlight #15: New joint for tofu fix - Restaurant: BCD Tofu House

The chain BCD tofu house, which has branches in California, Korea, and Japan, has opened one of its restaurants off of Berkley Lake Road in Duluth. This location doesn’t seem to be on their website yet(, but that hasn't stopped the local Korean community from "discovering" the fresh-faced new comer.

The restaurant promotes a modern healthy take on traditional tofu dishes. The menu showcases a variety of sundubu. We tried the seafood, mandoo (above), and oxtail versions and found them less heavily salted than usual with fresh bright flavors.

I also enjoyed the cold noodle (above: my small portion taken from the big bowl), though it deviated quite a lot from the usual version. Instead of thin glass noodles in a spicy sauce, BCD’s version had thick buckwheat noodles in a clear soy-based cold broth. I liked the chewiness of the noodles very much and the broth provided seasoning without covering up the nutty buckwheat flavor. I didn’t try the bulgogi as I prefer to grill the meat myself at the table.

My first experience here was very positive. Everything came out tasty and light. I didn’t feel like I needed to drink a bucket of water to flash out all the salt a few hours later. Even the fried oyster omelet was less greasy than the ones I have grown accustomed to. As you can see (above), this is more an oyster dish than an omelet one. There were some pretty decent sized oysters bound together with just enough eggy goodness.


Anonymous said...

That looks great. Do you have an address?

Cathy said...

Unfortunately I forgot to take a card thinking that I'd be able to get the address off of their website only to find out that it's not there... I'll try to report back the next time I am there.