Monday, June 09, 2008

Daily highlight #19: happiness is a taco washed down with beer - Brewery: SweetWater

As lady J so eloquently put, happiness is a spicy taco washed down with a refreshing beer. So it made all the sense in the world that this enlightened woman spear headed our effort to provide exactly that on a recent summery afternoon. The venue was Atlanta's own SweetWater Brewery, where five brews were being liberally poured in exchange for paper tickets, of which we all had plenty. The taco components hailed from lady J's favorite -Taqueria del sol. In my own creation, the spicy salsa inspired the taste buds to appreciate the crunchy but cooling combination of fried fish with shredded lettuce. This stuff went down incredibly easy, especially when its passage to the stomach was well-lubricated by the appropriately named "roadtrip."

The only drawback was that the brewery stopped serving at 7:30 pm, which was probably a good thing considering the drinking pace. :)

SweetWater Brewery
195 Ottley Dr
Atlanta, GA 30324

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