Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daily highlight #28: Warm out of my oven thanks to Williams-Sonoma

The joy of eating a freshly out of the oven croissant every single morning is not an exclusive privilege of the Parisian, but is rather my daily reality. Ever since I discovered these pre-baking gems on Williams-Sonoma's website a year ago, life hasn't been the same. Imagine popping one of these babies into the cool toaster oven the night before to rise while you sleep, simply turning a nob to start the baking in your pj while making coffee, and then sitting back, a mere ten minutes later, to a warm breakfast over the morning paper. Now imagine this happening EVERY SINGLE MORNING! Can life get better than this? Yes it can! W&S occasionally has free shipping deals for frozen foods. Guess who stocks up. :)

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