Friday, June 06, 2008

Daily highlight #16: Real is better - Soft serve stop: Zesto

I have a weakness for soft serves, an even more severe weakness than my already serious weakness for ice cream. Lucky or unlucky for me then that I found myself living just around the corner from one of the most old fashioned soft serve spots in the city.

The inside of Zesto on Ponce looks as if it has not seen a new coat of paint since the day it opened. If you look closely at the photo above, you will notice a stool missing its top at the left. Neither the servers nor the customers seem to care about such things. They are not important here. The place is a dive, especially late at night. Many neighborhood characters come out to hang out in the parking lot, and if you know my neighborhood, you know these are professional hang outers...

Anyway, onto the important stuff, the real stuff, the soft stuff, and this is some awesome stuff! We got a small sundae and a larger swirl to share. As you can see, I was unable to defend them from multiple attacks before the photo. Creamy and smooth, there wasn't any starchy aftertaste often found in other soft serves not made from ice cream. (It's disturbing how many soft serves don't contain any dairy at all.) This is none of that, just some honest to goodness stuff that is sturdy and dense enough to bend a plastic spoon or two. Indeed, "a throwback to the tender youth of American fast food," as Zesto proudly claims on its website.

544 Ponce de Leon
Atlanta, GA

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