Monday, June 23, 2008

Daily highlight #33: A little tongue action at lunch time - Restaurant: Mi Barrio

A little office fun is always good for morale. This past Friday a large group of us had lots of fun getting some major tongue action at Mi Barrio near the famed Oakland cementory. No, not THAT kind of tongue action, I am talking about the kind of tender, deeply savory cow tongue action that kept us eating long after the stomaches filled.

Mi Barrio's location simply can't be beaten, being just a ten minute drive from our downtown building. The dig has pure Buford highway charm even after the recent bright red paint job. Every meal starts with a dish of pickled cactus, a bowl of chips, and two kinds of salsa. Everyone loved the spicy salsa, but didn't quite take to the cactus, which was somewhat slimy in the way of okra.

I got myself two tacos, one of tongue and another of pork. The tongue didn't come the first time my plate got to the table. Perhaps they were wary that I may not have really wanted it. On the second try, I got the tongue! It took a little while but at least the tongue was succulent and deeply flavored. And the corn tortilla's coarser mouth feel added a nice textural dimension superior to that of the flour variety. The other one, unfortunately was dry, but I had no need for it anyhow having also gotten a gordita (below) to keep the tummy content.

For it's in town location, Mi Barrio has charms unmatched by any other in its genre.

Mi Barrio
571 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

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