Friday, June 13, 2008

Daily highlight #23: the burger phase - part III: Restaurant: Red Fish

Tom of Atlantacuisine wrote about this burger a few months back. The source was so unlikely (Red Fish claims to serve authentic cajun-creole cuisine), it was almost easy to believe he must have really loved the burger to speak up so loud. And he wasn't wrong.

What you see here is a dressed up burger, topped on the outside with rendered chorizo and enhanced on the inside with Louisiana spices. The fattiness and moistness of the burger is almost disproportionate to the patty thickness. I wouldn't be surprise one bit to find out that additional fat had been introduced either during the cooking process or into the patty itself. Being a lover of spice and not necessarily a burger purist, I love this burger for exhibiting an assertive spiciness, for demonstrating allegiance to its region flavors, and for delivering a totally decadent level of grease.

Red Fish
687 Memorial Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

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