Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily highlight #34: Settling down is nice - Restaurant: TAP

Last time I was at TAP, it was new and almost impossible to find a seat. The thing about places that thrive on newness is that they eventually must settle down. It's nice to see that TAP actually made the transition quite well. In a way, it has found its identity as a strategically located place where people congregate for a drink and the view on the patio. TAP caters to this crowd with a rather simple menu heavy on snacks.

A special of fresh buffalo mozzarella (top) was surprisingly creamy and set off the saltiness of the olives very well.

The prosciutto sandwich was equally simple, but included quality ingredients. The watercress salad on the side particularly impressed with its freshness and bright acidity cleverly enhanced with cornichon.
The one dud we got were the falafels. The darkened appearance foretold a dried out interior and a hardened crust.

Overall, the food matched the pleasant and relaxing mood on the patio, where it's now possible to grab a seat most nights of the week.

1180 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA

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