Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daily highlight #22: the burger phase - part II - Gastropub: Holman & Finch

Both the AJC and the creativeloafing came out with a front page review of H&F yesterday. While the AJC review spent much time discussing H&F's place in the gastropub trend, the loaf, more or less, let out a shout for awesomeness. The stars reflected the excitement levels of the respective papers (four from the loaf and three from AJC). The one star variance may be due to the dissimilar styles of the papers, the deviating target audiences, or the different excitability levels of the reviewers, but I like to think that Besha saw more stars when she bite into the awesome late night burger.

The closest I've ever found to the amazing shake shack burger, the H&F master piece was cooked through, but loosely pack and fat filled to combat dryness. The double patty, cheese laden package turned out so perfectly salty and greasy on its own, even ketchup seemed a superfluous touch.

What took the meal to an even higher place was this dessert, offered to us well pass midnight as sweet ending to a long week night. Simply, yet so decadent, I couldn't have conjured up a better combination than a handful of candy sweet small local strawberries swimming in a pool of the richest fresh cream. I was and remain a "fool" for it!

Holman & Finch
2277 Peachtree Rd, Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30309

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