Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily highlight #36: The power of pointing - Bakery: International Bakery

A few years ago, E introduced me to the International Bakery located in a small strip of shops on the seedy stretch of Cheshire Bridge Rd. The place is decidedly unfancy, but always smells deliciously of eggy breads and buttery cookies. People who go there tend to know what they want and can rattle off unfamiliar names with the appropriate tongue rolling. I, on the other hand, use the pointing method. I am actually very good at the pointing method, having developed that particular skill as a high schooler who started life in suburban Baltimore speaking not a word of English and then having honed my techniques through travels to other far away places.

On my earlier visits, I've pointed to the various cookies, which all turned out stellar. My favorite is the crescent-shaped buttery thing dusted with powdered sugar. It resembles the Italian wedding cookie in texture and perfumes the air with the intoxicating scent of butter wherever you take it. Yummy stuff. This time my finger went a different direction and guided me to this adorable chocolate thing (left). For such a small package, it is full of textual variations. The bottom is a piece of cakey cookie that is pliable and moist. The filling is a fluffy cream made to somehow hold its roller shape. The thin coating of chocolate goes all around the cream, but does not cover the bottom cookie. It shatters easily with a nice sharp crack. This little addictive thing is just sinful enough to end a good meal, but not enough to guilt me into dieting or going to the gym the next day, that is if I ever dieted or went to the gym in the first place... :)

If you are wondering about the thing on the right in the photo, stop now. It's a very forgettable and dry pastry from a small shop on Buford Highway that I have since forgotten the name.

International Bakery
2165 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE Ste 5
Atlanta, GA 30324


David said...

I guess the cat's out of the bag - this place is supposed to be a secret ;)

The cakes are phenomenal here as well those chocolate doohickies you mention. Don't know if they still have the little market, but I used to buy Greek oregano here - much more intense than other varieties.

Cathy said...

I believe they still sell the Greek oregano. I have yet to try the cakes, but there will be more return trips for that. :)